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FFORCE Files: Faster Fashion - See Now, Buy Now

November 1, 2016

This is the mark of a new era in the fashion industry: where customers can truly purchase their favourite looks literally right off the runway. This convenient marketing technique requires seamless execution in production and supply chains as well as in marketing departments. Social media and the rise of the digital age is to thank for the high demand of fashion immediacy. Runway shows have become influential marketing events, which leaves brands with a high demand in sales for collections that have yet to be produced. Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and FAULHABER client Ted Baker London have taken a leap into this innovative concept, leading the global fashion industry. These designers have been presenting collections that can be shopped by fans instantly in click-to-buy video formats. This new model has completely re-shaped how brands will operate and connect with customers. After the launch of this groundbreaking buy-now sales technique, we are excited to see what fashion marketing innovation comes next.


Check out Ted Baker London’s Mission Impeccable fashion film and shop the AW16 collection here.

- FFORCE Contributor, Gabrielle Boucinha

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