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#FFORCE Files: Asking Questions

July 19, 2016


One thing that is extremely important to learn in any professional role is to always ask questions. Asking questions ensures efficient communication and a better understanding of the task at hand. A lot of interns get shy or feel like they will look unintelligent if they have a question, but the smartest thing to do is to be confident and ask away. Assumption really does make a (well, you know what) out of everyone involved because most often, there will be a problem your work and you will have to spend precious time out of your busy scheudule fixing what could have been avoided with a simple question. Efficiency is key at FAULHABER and you’ll save a lot of time and energy by asking questions the minute you are assigned a task.

The best advice I can give is this: It’s better to have too much information, than not enough. Questions are encouraged at FAULHABER – so don’t be afraid to speak up! It will only benefit you and your work and as a result, it will help you become more confident in the workplace.

- Cristina

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