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#FEVENTS: Media Scrum with Bacardi Canada’s Social Responsibility Ambassador GSP

February 27, 2014

(Faulhaber team with GSP)

On February 25th 2014, we celebrated like champions with the #1 Sportsnet Canadian Athlete 3 years in a row, MMA and the former Welterweight Champion of the UFC, Georges St-Pierre (GSP), who is the official Social Responsibility Ambassador for BACARDI CANADA!

(Shannon Law going over GSP’s key messaging)

GSP is all about balance. As most know, his personal mantra is Strength within Yourself, Know your Limits. Bacardi celebrates balance, and knowing your limits

GSP is a positive influence. That’s why the partnership with Bacardi made sense. It’s important to know your limits and how to live within them, in whatever you do.

(The Faulhaber media scrum was a huge success)

(Leslie Roberts from Global TV’s, The Morning Show, is about to interview GSP)

(Everyone is treated like a VIP at Bacardi Canada Events)

Our favourite Bacardi Oakheart beverages:

Bacardi Oak & Ginger

Bacardi Oakheart Fuego Bomb (One ounce Bacardi Oakheart dropped into two ounces of Coke)



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