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#FEvents: Design Exchange Politics of Fashion

September 23, 2014

September 17th was a very special night for fashion and politics at Canada’s Design Museum, Design Exchange (DX). 

Design Exchange hosted over 700 guests for an opening reception from 7-10pm, launching the debut of the highly anticipated POLITICS OF FASHION | FASHION OF POLITICS exhibition, curated by Sara Nickleson and Guest Curator, Jeanne Beker, designed by Jeremy Laing. Top elected officials, activists and celebrities alike joined president Shauna Levy in the festivity. Highlights include impromptu tours with Jeanne Beker, the Nick Knight image installation, Femen activists walking around and Nicky Hilton shopping at the Magic Pony pop-up gift shop.

Kara Alloway, Nicky Hilton, Shauna Levy & Christine Faulhaber 

George Antonopoulos & Yasmin Warsame

Jenna Bitove & Jay Strut 

Nicky Hilton enjoying the show!

Nicky Hilton & Shauna Levy.


Photo credit: Ryan Emberley

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