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Faulhaber’s Top Mobile Apps

March 6, 2013

Over the last year the Faulhaber Communications team has become almost entirely iPhone users and we are all hopelessly addicted. As PR professionals we are constantly on our phones communicating with clients and the media, utilizing social media, AND trying out the newest apps. Aside from our daily use of Instagram and mobile banking apps, we have found tons of other applications that make our professional (and personal) lives just a little bit easier.

We have compiled our list of apps that we cannot live without. Enjoy!


Houzz Mobile App

This is your one-stop-shop for design Inspiration. In this program one can share photos to ideabooks and save other images as your own catalogues of inspiration. There is also a very accessible search tool that allows users to search and sort by design aesthetics. It is like Instagram for gorgeous residential interiors!



Owned by the clever people from Linkedin, this app allows users to scan a physical business card and uploads all the information to your contact list. The app also gives you the option to connect with your new contact directly on Linkedin. This app can save a lot of time and eliminates any possibilities for mis-spelled email addresses.


Rocket Man

This app is essential to those relying on the TTC. The Rocket Man app tells user what time your TTC vehicle will reach you and shows TTC buses and streetcars location on Google map. Many of us rely on this app to get us to work on time every day… usually on time except when the TTC short turns at Spadina repetitively.



This app is a community for high quality recommendations - hence the name “MavenSay” The design is both minimal and visually appealing and the application is very instinctive to use. The experience is amazing and finally, you can see where recommendations originate. Great for travel to narrow down the best restaurants in major cities.



Going for a run and sick of your iTune list? This fabulous app gives you custom-made playlists according to your activities i.e. entertaining with friends, quiet evening at home, cooking etc. This app can also save the day at events sans DJs as you can pick playlist based on the atmosphere.


Air Canada
For jet-setters and PR professionals the Air Canada app is a life saver to keep track of all flights and hold electronic boarding passes. With this app you can check-in, track delayed or cancelled flights, and even book your next flight for desksides or detention client meetings.


Whole Foods

With much of our office in a current obsessive health-kick, we can now search for recipes that are gluten-free, wheat-free, and even for special types of meals (i.e. cooking with kids or one-pot-meals) with the Whole Food mobile app. Also users can search for recipes based on what they have on-hand in the pantry and fridge.



Just for fun, this app is best used when you are in the mood to turn your colloquialisms into hardcore rap hits. Always a good time up at the chalet in the wee hours with friends!

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