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Embracing CSR: TAS DesignBuild Receives Honourable Mention for 2013 ECR Awards

November 29, 2013


As 2013 winds down and you reflect on the challenges and successes of your business, consider how you affected your community, your environment and your employees. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about using the power of business to positively impact society. How will your business step it up next year?

Take some tips from TAS!

Toronto-based developer, TAS DesignBuild, is committed to creating vibrant communities while standing by its Four Pillars of Sustainability™. Supporting initiatives and spearheading projects that address social, cultural, ecological and economic issues has landed TAS an honourable mention for the 2013 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility (ECR) Awards in the category of Building, Design and Development.


Working with Fresh City Farms and Cultivate Toronto to create urban vegetable gardens, using green energy from regional wind and hydro facilities that are EcoLogo-certified and organizing family-friendly events to teach youth how to be environmentally conscious, are only a few ways TAS is making a difference. We’re not talking about greenwashing – we’re talking about a company that shows a true commitment to sustainability. As a recently Certified B Corporation, TAS meets strict standards of social and environmental performance and transparency.

From encouraging employees to volunteer, to finding ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, set goals in 2014 that reach further than finances. Redefine business success by learning from companies like TAS and incorporating sustainable initiatives into your day-to-day practices.

For more information on TAS’s corporate social responsibility, click here.

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