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Earth Day: 5 Ways To Do Your Part From The #FDRIVE

April 22, 2016

Celebrated world wide, today marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Currently reaching an estimated billion people world-wide, activities include celebrations of nature, protests & city clean ups. Looking for ways to participate? Follow these five simple tips to make a larger impact on our precious planet. 

Reuse & Reuse

Buy a cute reusable water bottle to help reduce the amount of plastic accumulated in dumpsters world-wide. From fruit infusers to funky designs, retailers everywhere are offering us fun ways to drink our water. 

Shop Local
An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy from local vendors. Not only are you supporting local shops and farms, but you’re fuelling jobs all over our city.

Switch Off & Unplug
Turning off unused appliances (even the toaster) can make a major impact. Straighteners, blow dryers, lamps, etc. all use energy when they are plugged in even if they are turned off so you the planet (and your wallet) a favour and unplug, unplug, unplug. 

Protect Water Sources
By now I’m sure you’ve figured out the world runs on clean water. It takes a lot of power to bring that water into your homes and saving as much as possible can make a big difference. Try using low-water settings on your dishwasher, fix leaks in your pipes and avoid watering your lawn when you know it’s going to rain. 

Still not enough? Join Earth Day Canada’s #Rooting4Trees campaign and help grow a forest of 25,000 trees this April. Find out how to participate here.

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