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Driven: Truc Nguyen

August 7, 2012

She is the assistant Fashion Editor at FLARE magazine and one of the sweetest people you will meet. She is quiet and reserved but we have seen her giggle, and its infectious!

Meet Truc Nguyen, lover of all things Fashion.

Tell us a little about your career in Fashion (where/ how did it all Start)

I grew up watching Fashion Television and wanted to be a fashion designer, and originally I went to Ryerson University for Fashion Design. After completing a few fashion internships with everyone from the Royal Ontario Museum to Joeffer Coac and Marc Jacobs, I decided to pursue a career in fashion publishing instead. While doing my Masters degree in Communication and Culture at Ryerson and York (a joint program between the two universities), I started an internship at Vogue in New York, which led to a series of amazing opportunities at Conde Nast and beyond that have really helped me launch my career in fashion.

I worked on the first two issues of Vogue Living magazine, then as a fashion assistant at Teen Vogue for almost two years. Afterwards, I freelanced with different stylists which was a great learning experience because one week we’re styling editorials for Elle UK and Numero Tokyo and the next we could be in Atlanta hanging out backstage at the Soul Train Awards! It was a fast-paced and incredibly exciting job, and I learned a great deal from the experience. Before moving back to Toronto, I worked full-time as the Market Editor of an online fashion company based in Chelsea.

What do you love most about being back in Toronto?

Both my husband and I are from here, and it’s been great to be able to spend much more time with our families and friends now that we’ve moved back. Beyond that, the city has grown and changed so much since I was in college and I’ve been happy to explore all the new restaurants and shops that have opened up since we moved to Williamsburg.

Crazy NYC parties? (the version you can share)

I’m actually a bit of a homebody, but what I love about New York was that there is always the feeling that anything could happen.

One of the most memorable NY parties that I ever went to was while I was an intern at Marc Jacobs and we were all invited to his fashion show and afterparty during fashion week. Lil’ Kim performed (it was right before she went to jail) and everyone, from the seamstresses to my fellow interns (including future CFDA Award winner Joseph Altuzarra), had such a blast.

Dream Dinner Date and what would you order?

I would love to have dinner with Cathy Horyn and Grace Coddington, because I think they would have such amazing insights into the business of fashion, and great stories to share about their amazing careers. We could share the bo ssäm prix fixe dinner at Momofuku Ssäm and then walk over to Death + Company for a nightcap.

Favourite new designer?

He’s been around for a while now, but I’m still obsessed with J.W. Anderson. I had the opportunity to buy one of his sweater samples earlier this year and it’s definitely one of my favourite pieces that I own.

Favourite place in the world?

It’ll have to be a toss up between the state of Vermont, Phillip Island (just outside Melbourne, where the daily “Penguin Parade” takes place), and Bangkok. A random mix, I know, but I can’t pick just one!!

Item in your closet you treasure most?

Joeffer Caoc and Kelly Smith from his design team custom made my wedding dress for me years ago as a present, and it was such a treat to design it with them. It’s in storage but I’ll always treasure it as a memento of that special day, and in some ways as a symbol of my years working in Joeffer’s studio as an intern and freelancer.

Motto to live by?

Tempus fugit.

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