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Driven: Sasha Tong

March 8, 2012

Meet Vancouver native Sasha Tong, Senior Fashion Segment Producer at etalk. She’s mini, she’s mighty, and as we found out, has a passion for all things cheesy. Sasha also writes a weekly fashion and personal advice column on laineygossip.com.

What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Probably the most excited I’ve ever been was in 2007 when I interviewed my biggest crush at that time Josh Hartnett. I was so nervous and so excited that I sweat through my heather grey top and yes, he very much noticed. I choose to think of that embarrassing moment as a highlight.

What I can’t live without?

Salty. Dripping. Triple Cream. French. Brie. That sounds pornographic, but that’s the kind of XXX enjoyment I get from cheese.

My favorite food?

See above. Oh and double cheese burger from Burger Priest.

My favorite city to shop in?

My hometown of Vancouver. People like to rag on the fashion scene, but the city has totally stepped up its game. Lots of cool independent boutiques filled with unique finds. However, I do wear my Lululemons loud and proud when I’m home.

If I wasn’t an etalk Producer, I’d probably be…?

A child psychologist in a youth detention center.

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