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Driven: Randi Bergman

March 20, 2012

Randi Bergman, has become our information source for all things fashion, art and cool. Recently, Randi has produced some very cool Fashion Films featuring many of Canada’s home-grown talents, just another way she is fostering the growth of Canadian fashion content. After living and working in New York, she brought her astute knack for writing and style back to her hometown of Toronto where she is the award winning Online Editor at FASHION Magazine.

When you lived in New York what was your favourite place to visit?

Central Park

How did you land your freelance gig with Interview Magazine?

I had interned for them when I was living in New York, so when I moved home, I got back in touch about writing fashion and arts features for the website as well as covering the occasional Toronto event.

Longest your phone has ever been off?

12 hours, and only because that’s the longest flight I’ve been on.

Best vegetarian restaurant in Toronto?

Fresh. Been eating there regularly since high school, and still love it as much as ever!

Currently obsessed with?

Downton Abbey

Techno or Folk? Vintage or designer? YSL or Balenciaga?

Neither. Both. Both.

Best trip?

My second time in Israel

What is the best information source for fashion besides FASHION (where do you get your info from?)

WWD, Vogue UK, The Telegraph, and Twitter, obviously

Best way to stay ahead of the curve?

Be yourself

How far in advanced do you plan your stories?

For larger concepts, can be a few months ahead, but most are only a few days

Journalistic Idol?

Sally Singer

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