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Fashion, beauty and lifestyle journalist; editor at FashionTK.com

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Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I’m a Toronto-born journalist. I’ve been dabbling in the trade for about 10 years now (if you count my internships). Typing that just made me feel really old (I’m not). I write fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle features and I’m the editor at my website, FashionTK.com. I’m a writer, editor, fashion nerd, lover of all things beauty, book geek, listener, talker, lover, fighter, sister, daughter, eater, drinker, dog-lover, audiophile, foodie and all around every day woman. That about sums it up I think.

Biggest career highlight? (so far.)

That’s a hard one. There’s so many. I met Michael Kors who is like my fashion spirit animal (whatever that means). Lovely, personable, good shoes, really great skin. I briefly spoke with and met Anna Wintour while covering Paris Fashion Week a while back and she was extremely nice (I should say surprisingly). She was graceful enough to let me take a quick snap of her before the Dior show started in the middle of some serious front-row frenzy. Recently, I’ve been writing for New York-based website Refinery29.com and had a big feature on the homepage. It was up there for at least three days (for online geeks that’s a long, damn time). I get a kick out of seeing my byline every time it’s published, really. Like, hey that’s me!

Up until this point, what has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

Be true to yourself. It’s kind of cheesy saying that because that cliché could easily be found on a T-shirt or one of those desk calendars with cats on them, but it’s extremely useful. I’ve been the most fulfilled when writing on topics I care about, designers I’m obsessed with and reporting on issues that get me so excited they keep me up at night. My work is the strongest when I do that and frankly, I’m much happier.

What do you love most about what you do?

I get to meet some of the most talented, intelligent—and weird—people in the world. And I get paid to do it.

What do you do in your downtime?

I really like to cook at home and try out new recipes cobbled from the remnants in my fridge and cupboards. I stumbled on this sickeningly cute BBC series called The Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo. She cooks out of her microscopic Paris apartment and makes the most yummy-yet-simple recipes. She’s all like “stir that straightaway,” and “add a whopping lot of that,” in her adorable Brit accent. I’ve made at least four of her recipes and have been very pleased with myself after making them.

I also like to go out for a nice fancy spread sometimes with my best girlfriends when my writer’s wallet allows. I always try something really weird on the menu and Instagram it.

I have two super cute dogs, Glory and Gotham. They’re twin Shiba Inus and get the whole “oh, they look like foxes,” thing—which is absurd because people in urban centres don’t own foxes. At least they shouldn’t. Anyway, I take them out to the park and run around with them as often as possible. A good game of fetch gets all of my daytime stresses out. I call it canine therapy.

Dream dinner date?

This is where I say George Clooney right? Kidding. I think I’d rather dine with Jennifer Lawrence. She seems so wonderfully normal and is probably the only celebrity I’d want to be friends with. Tina Fey would be great to meet too. She’s probably the only star I’d be nervous to meet. Oh, and Ryan Gosling. If someone could please set that up that would be great.

I cannot live without my…

iPad Mini—it’s amazing. It sleeps on my nightstand at night and lives in my purse during the day. Also, my blender. I’m obsessed with smoothies right now—especially almond milk smoothies with honey, cinnamon, almonds and banana. Mmm, I’m gonna go make a smoothie right now …

Favorite design/fashion trend at the moment?

I love that shoulder cutouts are trendy. Upper-midriff cutouts are my favourite at the moment. Solange has looked really great in this silhouette and Roland Mouret, Christopher Kane and Alexander Wang did them really nicely for Spring 2013. It’s a flirty way to show a little skin without looking like you’re selling it.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?

I like to consider myself a natural newsy. From Gawker.com to NPR.org, I’m always looking for news. I blame journalism school.

Top 5 songs for the soundtrack to your life (or, like, right now.)

I love these 5 songs because each of them have helped me do one or all of the following: Meet a deadline, get over a boy, get over a hangover, paint my apartment, push me through the last bit of my morning run, bring the house down at karaoke.

1) Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition”

2) Whitney Houston, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

3) Calvin Harris feat. Kelis, “Bounce”

4) Extreme, “More Than Words”

5) Seal, “Kissed By a Rose”

In general though, my sisters are really my go-to sources for music. From the most indie German techno to the best underground R&B—they know it all. I just plug in with them and get the best beats. Here’s a mix, give it a listen and let me know if you like it HERE.

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