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Design Style: The #FDRIVE's Guide To Kitchen Design With AyA Kitchens

March 21, 2016

When remodeling a kitchen, cabinets are often sleek and simple with accents being added through tiling, counter tops and décor. House & Home’s Reiko Caron’s recent renovation of chef Mark Thuet’s home kitchen breaks away from the pedestrian and mundane with bold coloured cabinetry with the help of AyA Kitchens

Designing a kitchen for a chef is a feat in and of itself; however, with AyA’s wide range of cabinet sizes allowed Caron to maximize the storage and create a space fit for a professional. Many people worry that by not including upper cabinets will compromise too much storage space. By installing deep drawers that fit pots and pans as well as utilizing the smallest of spaces, Caron kept the kitchen light and airy with only lower cabinets.

The colour of the cabinets is called “Midnight Blue” and the new shade was developed by House and Home for AyA. Caron describes the hue as neither too green nor too purple, making it the perfect neutral navy hue.

Moral of the story is don’t be wary of colour! So take the plunge and make your cabinets the star of the show.

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