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CHANEL Cruise 2013: Modern Marie-Antoinette

May 18, 2012

On May 14, 2012 Karl Lagerfeld debuted CHANEL’s Cruise 2012/13 at the Bosquet des Trois Fontaines located in the parks of Château de Versailles or as the French would call it Le Bosquet des Trois Fontaines lors des Grandes-Eaux (Great Waters) Nocturnes. The show itself is a daydream, as models strutted down the gravel runways, (Leave it to Karl to make a gravel runway work) while the fountains of Versailles flittered in the background. Guests were sheltered under luxurious teal tents with comfortable pillows, truly fit for French royalty. The collection boasted lace ruffled sleeves, pink babydoll makeup and pastel accents which were juxtaposed with denim capris and platform sneakers to a modern-day Marie-Antoinette feel. Signature Chanel fixtures were not forgotten however, as tweed and intricate feminine jewels were very much apparent. Models were styled in cropped pastel wigs in cotton candy colors over a neatly styled low-ponytail with 18th century bows. The littlest bit of perfection was added to the models with Chanel beauty marks placed just below their eyes.

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