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CF's Desk: Disrupt the Norm

October 29, 2011

CF’s Desk: Musings from the desk of Christine Faulhaber.

Innovation. Think what no one else is thinking. Do what no one else is doing.

In Frankfurt earlier this fall, I met Luke Williams, author and director of global innovation firm, Frog Design. He gave a presentation that inspired me in a personal and business sense. I wished everyone I knew was there to share it.

William’s business cases on Red Bull, Apple and LittleMissMatched socks were eye-opening. These are brands that thought WAY out-of-the-box and succeeded. His point is that in order to get to the next level we have to be imaginative. We cannot move forward if we’re stuck in the status quo, yet so many ignore this fact.

We follow the same patterns because they are comfortable. Because they seem intuitively right. We know this, and for the most part accept it. Williams describes this way of thinking as what inspires incremental change and he begs us to imagine things differently. Dare to ask “I wonder what would happen if we…?”

“A lot of people would come up with minor tweaks, like a color change or a new feature or moving production overseas. But, that’s not what we’re looking for. If you don’t shake things up with a few ideas from way, way out in left field, your brain will ensure that you’ll process any new information and ideas using what you already know as a filter. The result will be exactly the kind of thinking that maintains the status quo,” says Williams.

He urges us to be wrong at the start so we will be right at the end. “A way of thinking that produces an unconventional strategy leaving competitors scrambling to catch up. A way of thinking that turns consumer expectations upside down and takes an industry into its next generation.”

disrupt from frog on Vimeo.

The lesson: Turn it on its ear. What you normally do, that is. Preview his book here.

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