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#CFDesk: Women in PR Canada

May 12, 2017

Our fearless leader, Christine Faulhaber, recently spoke at the official launch of Women in PR Canada event in Toronto. After reflecting on a topic that would make sense of PR professionals at all stages of their career and break away from same old topics, she decided to speak about the importance of championing a team.

At FAULHABER we know the success of any business is rooted in the team’s understanding of the company’s vision and their trust and respect of the senior leadership team.  As an entrepreneur I know it is essential we deliver high value to our clients and that happens best when you have an engaged team that wants to win.

3 important things to remember when mobilizing a large team of ambitious and independently minded women:

Transparency – The world is at our fingertips, today’s team wants to know what, why, when and how - now. This helps them understand their place in the bigger picture, what they are part of and why they matter

Immediacy – Opportunity lies in learning to seize the now. When it comes to feedback, opportunities, advancement, acknowledging questions, progress and areas for improvement, real-time is often the right time. Don’t wait for the time to be right. Risk taking never stops.

Relatable role models – Growth isn’t something that just happens, a business needs to plan for it. More than ever we see the importance of diversifying the team. Women find different personalities, lifestyles and life stages inspiring and different leadership styles motivating.  It’s important to spend time strategically adding to the team with different strengths and communication styles.

Investing in setting the team up for success every day is something that’s important to us. The job never stops.

In Toronto or Vancouver, please drop us a line if you’re interested in joining the FAULHABER team. We are always energized by meeting with new candidates.

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