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#CFDesk: Introducing FSHOPPE West

February 22, 2017

We learned quickly following its Toronto inception that our FSHOPPE ambassador program resonated with our clients and ambassadors of all demographics.

As we looked at the business and how to best serve our clients in 2017, and knew we had to expand. Based on the amount of business we have and the opportunities to reach the right consumers for our clients, building FAULHABER West was the right next step.

At FAULHABER, we have a rigorous process for estimating and determining success. We don’t work with influencers just because they have a large audience. Pay to play isn’t the only way. We look at content to make sure it is a fit for the brand and analyze post engagement to assess interaction.

With the addition of our west coast showroom, we have expanded our network nationally to include more micro influencers, who are not traditional bloggers but have a curated social presence with an engaged and targeted audience.

We will be formally launching FAULHABER West and our showroom very soon at a private launch event! Please look out for details and reach out any time to learn more.

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