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CF Desk: #MyFaceMyStory A 6 Year Affair

October 25, 2016

FAULHABER and Dermalogica celebrated their 6th anniversary this year, and I wanted to share a bit about our love story.

It started over 6 years ago: Faulhaber Communications had hit the ground running, and looking and feeling good in my own skin was key to the game. Walking into pitches and big meetings is a challenge in and of itself; knowing I didn’t have to worry about my skin acting up was a great comfort and really gave me the freedom to do my thing. Since the day I was recruited by Dermalogica’s tribe, I haven’t looked back.

I champion my team on always going that extra mile to get the job done – we like to call it our gold standard. Dermalogica mirrors this in every way.

With how busy I am, I like to make the most of my time and have come to rely on can’t-live-without products to get the job done. On steady rotation on my bathroom counter are the AGE smart Skinperfect Primer, Daily Resurfacer pads (the kids call them finger puppets – try and see for yourselves), and the new Phyto Replenish Oil (Dewy skin is always having a moment, and I’m only happy to oblige).

For special occasions, I HAVE to pop into IDI on King Street to see the team for an amazing treatment (NOT facials, lovelies!) – they are skin saviours. The 40 minutes I spend at IDI, Ten Spot, or Gee Beauty are pure bliss.

We’re having such a great time reading about everyone’s journeys at #MyFaceMyStory #DermalogicaCDN @DermalogicaCDN. Tag away, and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

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