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March 5, 2012

A Not-So-New but Worth-the-Read Business/Motivational Book

At a recent networking luncheon with Loose Ends keynote speaker, FLARE Editor-in-Chief Lisa Tant, mentioned how she recommended to her team that everyone read Malcolm Gladwell’sOutliers: The Story of Success. This happened to be book I was also reading. Funny how that happens.

Outliers is inspiring and makes some valuable points about opportunity and legacy. It puts power into people’s own hands and debunks the elitist idea that success is only available to a small handful of people with high IQs.

I found the ‘10,000 hours’ rule, originally discovered by Anders Ericsson, and made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in this book, particularly interesting. Having just celebrated the 10th anniversary of my own brand, and with well over the 50++hrs a week for 10 years under my belt, I wondered…

How can I inspire my team and give them the opportunity to really make a difference? Stand outside of the box and create for themselves a path that will lead to success and help them in their day-to-day to strive for greatness? How can I do this for my own kids?

Points (in my own words) that stuck with me from the book.

1. Success isn’t an accident. It is something that happens when several positive forces collide.

2. Do your best to provide access. That’s the one thing you can control.

3. Think about the world differently. Challenge what you see. (For more on this click here)

I’ve always believed in hard work (thanks Dad!) and try and instill that to my team every day. How do you do it? Pointers welcome.

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