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Celebrating the Holiday in Style

November 21, 2011

Guest post by Sebastien Centner

Lots of planning and a little luck is the recipe for success. You plan for the things you can foresee and have contingencies for the things you cannot.

This is true for many things but none more obvious than for party and event planning. The host who leaves everything to the last minute will undoubtedly be faced with challenges that he or she may have otherwise avoided had they prepared in advance. The advance planning also allows for several advantages including; being ready to deal with last minute changes (oops one of my guests is a vegetarian and forgot to mention it), or, more importantly the luxury of spending time with your guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

When it comes to pre-planning for your party, here are some steps to consider which will help take the stress out of entertaining.

Start with a Clean Slate – entertaining is all about the details and be it dust-bunnies on ledges, spots on champagne flutes or scuffs on the wall, these are the little things that don’t go un-noticed. Believe me, the reason ‘swiffering’ is a verb is thanks in no small part to people like my wife Sheila who have made is a part of their ‘pre-guest-arrival’ routine.

Don’t Get Over-Ambitious – while I often encourage people to put more effort into their entertaining and to try new things, there is also something to be said for keeping it simple! Sometimes a simple selection of easy-to-prepare canapés will definitively do the trick.

Stock The Bar – consider first the basics to build the foundation of any good bar; an excellent red and white wine, a champagne, premium vodka, gin, scotch. From there begin adding layers of products as you see fit. While Champagne can be infused with a fruit flavoured liqueur (cassis, lychee, etc), add some of your own favourites specialty products. My personal choices, Bailey’s (served on ice and mixed with a shot of espresso for an evening ending cocktail), or martini mixes (one of my wife’s favourites which I like to have around the house are the necessities for a French Martini)

Make sure you have enough of the right items from ice to canapés using the Party Math wheel from our website.

Now you know how to enjoy your own party … and how not to run out of alcohol, canapés or ice … so get started on the planning … and enjoy!

Sebastien Centner is the Director of Eatertainment Hospitality & Eatertainment Special Events & Catering. Eatertainment has created and continues to operate some of Toronto’s most celebrated (and celebrity-frequented) restaurants including The Bloor Street Diner and Panorama Lounge.

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