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Behind the Scenes: What's Inside a Publicist's Emergency Kit

February 27, 2013

Events are a part of any publicist’s job. Whether it’s a major press conference, annual gala, launch event or something a client is simply participating in, the publicist’s role is key – keep things running smoothly, know everything about the event, and (probably most importantly) keep it together.

Ensuring your brain is sharp & you’re at your best is essential for doing your job well, and you can’t let small hiccups get the best of you in the heat of an event. A torn seam in your dress does not warrant the same level of stress as your brand spokesperson not showing up for scheduled interviews – therefore, you should always be prepared for the small things to go wrong so you can handle the big situations.

The team at Faulhaber stays prepared by keeping a kit of random-yet-essential emergency items that can get us out of (almost) any minor unexpected debacle. This helps us keep our game faces on even in the worst of times. Take a peek inside…

1. Beauty Products

It may not seem like a necessity, but in the world of fashion & lifestyle PR, looking put together is something we make a priority – therefore, having makeup on hand is really helpful. Working an event can mean anything from working a door to doing some heavy lifting, so you never know what state you’ll be in. We always keep the essentials on hand: eyeliner, mascara, foundation, blush, concealer and deodorant. We love Dermalogica and essence cosmetics products to keep us fresh & beautiful.


2. Sewing Kit & Lint Roller

In the event of a wardrobe malfunction, a needle & thread can work wonders – keeping some neutral thread & buttons on hand is wise to avoid any mishaps, and keeping a lint roller handy will ensure you maintain a polished, clean look (especially in an LBD).


3. Mints/Gum, Hand Sanitizer

Chatting with clients, industry folks and media all night is usually the norm for events…need we say more? Keep a Tic Tac or two on hand (and avoid bad-breath culprits such as garlic, onions and strong spices to make this even less of an issue) and sanitize like crazy – you don’t know who’s got what!


4. Phone/electronic chargers

Between making sure we have key media numbers, tweets, texts, emails and Instagram-ming, the batteries on our phones get drained pretty quickly when working events – it’s super inconvenient to have your iPhone die on you halfway through the night. Keep a charger on hand to rescue you when that low battery warning presents itself.


5. Key Information

One of our secret weapons during an event is the essential clipboard, which is often loaded with critical information. Keep documents such as Media cheat sheets, social media lists, press releases, VIP lists and so on. It is super handy so you’re never without a name, face or answer to someone’s question.


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