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Behind-the-Scenes: Project F

November 7, 2011

SATURDAY: On the Move

With the finalized looks ready, the cameras charged, and the Uhaul packed with props, Project F began in full force on Saturday afternoon. At 5 p.m., our funny and fabulous hair, make-up, and model talent arrived on-site at the Carpet Factory Lofts to kick off our 12 hour whirlwind photoshoot.

Straight into fittings with Serge, our model Katrina Latawiec strutted her stuff for internationally acclaimed photographer, Christopher Wadsworth as we tweaked our top looks. Ensuring our projections and styling were in alignment, the ten final looks – one for each year of business – had everyone oohing and ahhing.

Brennen Demelo, our master hair stylist extraordinaire, arrived with a goofy smile and brush in hand. Cosmetic professional, Evgeny Loukianenkov, went straight to work on Katrina, using Dermalogica products for a moisturized, glowing effect.

With our Domison chair, Brothers Dressler ladder, John Paul & Co. Fendi pillows in tow, we took off into the night to our first location in the Junction. Katrina changed in the Uhaul as gracefully as one could.

Each look required a different, specially scouted location. While we never seemed to have enough flashlights, we managed to set up the projector in record time with each location change. From transport truck to decrepit alley, loading dock to abandoned warehouse, green grass park to empty parking lot, our Faulhaber model was on the move, leaving nothing but glamorous dust in her trail.

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