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Behind-the-Scenes of a Blogger: Insight into the rise of Elodie Parthenay

February 19, 2013


Blogger, Hello Elo + Freelance, Clin D’oeil

How often do you interact with your readers, how important is that to your blog?

I interact with readers every day, I believe it’s a crucial aspect of having a blog. With no readers, your blog is nothing more than a diary! When I write, I expect to catch their attention, to engage them, to make them laugh, to teach and show them something, or to get their view or advice. Blogging is a way of interacting, through answering comments, tweeting and posting on Facebook.

How did you grow the blog?

It happened very organically, through word of mouth, or with the help of press I got along the years. I feel like social media also played a huge part in sharing the word.

Where did you start?

When I started Hello Elo, I was already on Twitter, so it felt natural to tweet and facebook about my blog posts every now and then. I started a Facebook fanpage not long after creating Hello Elo, but I’ve only been really using it for about 6-8 months now. I love that you can create discussions in a format that’s way easier to follow than what Twitter offers.

When was your “aha” moment?

It’s fantastic when I catch a discussion about a post I did continuing on Twitter. Someone referring my work to their friends as a good source of info. I usually give myself a high five!

Favorite stylists/designers/inspiration?

Phillip Lim is my spirit animal. I’m also sold to Alexander Wang and Acne.
When it comes to styling, I love the way Taylor Tomasi-Hill puts herself together. Emmanuelle Alt, the current editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, has been my fashion reference since I was about 8, so she’ll always be my #1.

Enlightening experiences?

I had the chance to attend New York Fashion Week for the first time this year, and it’s been an amazing experience with the venue, the ambiance and the shows. I was lucky enough to sit front-row, and it’s a huge motivation to work harder and go back next season.

Favourite travel destinations & trip?

I love California: the weather, the skateboarding culture, the healthy/vegan food, the punk and rock n’roll music scenes, the thrift stores… It’s always very exciting for me to go! I’m counting the days until I go back.

In the blog world you need to run your own personal PR campaign to rise above the heap – any advice to rising bloggers?

You don’t need to use every social media platform available. Try and see which ones work for you! You shouldn’t post the same content on each of them, so see what feels natural for you, what won’t seem like a chore.

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