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Behind-the-Scenes: Dermalogica x Arrow

April 4, 2013


At Faulhaber Communications, we love it when our clients go on-set on some of our favourite TV shows. Last week, Dermalogica had the pleasure of hosting a skin savvy workshop for the makeup artists of the TV series, Arrow. Here to talk about their experience is Lorena Laurencelle, the Consumer Events Intern for Dermalogica’s Vancouver office.

Picture this: It`s a beautiful day in Vancouver. The sun is shining, there are film trucks everywhere and security guards are keeping people from entering a building. My colleague Cory and I have arrived to the set where the TV series, Arrow is filming their first season. We wait for a bit, take it all in and I text Patricia, who is the Head of the Makeup Department for Arrow. A few seconds later, we have permission to enter the building and we were led upstairs, to a dim-lit room filled with props, makeup artists and the chairs for the cast to do a quick reading of their lines before filming.


Photo: The cast chairs where the actors and actresses do a quick reading of their lines before filming.

Cory, a Senior Educator at Dermalogica, lays out a few of our skin care products and begins educating the makeup artists about proper skin health and provided them with some great tips on how to use Dermalogica for their makeup advantage. Here are a few of the tips he shared:

1. Start with a smooth palette. Avoid rough or uneven skin by exfoliating. Try looking for ingredients like Rice Bran or Salicylic Acid.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This will eliminate those fine lines and makeup will look smooth. Look for ingredients like Hylouronic Acid, Sodium PCA or Aloe.

3. Prime and protect. Fight free radical damage, fill in fine lines and even out skin. Look for ingredients like silicones, Vitamins C and E, pearl powder and Titanium Dioxide.


Photo: Cory, Senior Educator for Dermalogica, educating a makeup artists of Arrow.

To learn more about Dermalogica, check out the website: http://www.dermalogica.ca/ca/.

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