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This fall is going to be hot. Between the beloved and highly anticipated September issues (Hello, Vogue and Beyonce), fabulous wardrobe changes, ambitious new goals and nearly every industry pressing the refresh button, the coming of September holds nearly the same standard as the New Year.

In honour of this turning of a new leaf, we’ve rejuvenated our look. Our always on and always innovative team headed out for a fun and fabulous photoshoot to get some killer shots and celebrate a successful start to 2015.

In the heart of Liberty Village, the Faulhaber Communications office is part of the old Toronto Carpet Factory, which was considered to be centre of creativity and “state of the art” during its peak years between 1899 to the 1920s. Among the juxtaposition of the historic location and modern fashion trends, we’ve created a fresh look that is representative of one of our core values of merging the classic with the contemporary.

We’re taking these results to our social channels and letting our followers in on the fun. Head over to our Instagram to learn more about our #Fall4Faulhaber sweepstakes and win … Big!!

Photography by Lauren Hildebrand, Junior Account Coordinator

Photography by our in-house digital guru Lauren Hildebrand

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