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January 31, 2012

Inside THE PARTY, Behind-the-Scenes, on the Floor at the Interior Design Show 2012

For the Faulhaber PR team, the last week of January has become synonymous with IDS week. Six months of work comes to a head with much pre-prep, dry runs and a zillion meetings. During the show, Canada’s top design fair, our heels are on, nails painted and ‘walkies’ fully charged. Welcome to 4 nights and 4 days of a non-stop PR extravaganza - Veuve Clicquot toasts and celebrity wrangling included.

This year, IDS 12 welcomed many notable local and international design stars, making IDS a globally recognized event. With the help of IDS Co-Founder & Director and MMPI VP, Shauna Levy, Toronto has become a beacon in the design world.

(Image by George Pimentel; L to R: Shauna Levy, Steven Levy & Christine Faulhaber)

For the 6th year, we had the privilege to party & play with some of the most prolific design minds including: Bjarke Ingles, Piero Lissoni (whom was also the Conversations in Design keynote speaker and hilariously cheeky International Guest of Honour), Fabio Novembre, William Yeoward, Matali Crasset and Claus Sendlinger. And those were just some of the Europeans that attended this year’s events, talks, and parties. Local design minds included Tommy Smythe, Alfred Sung, Sarah Richardson, and from the U.S., Stephen Burks, Amy Lau and Brad Ford (whom we fell madly in love with, his Southern demeanor was the perfect mix of sweet and sassy) and Senior Editor of Dwell Magazine, Kelsey Keith.

(Image by George Pimentel; L to R: Stephen Burks, Piero Gandini, Fabio Novembre & Piero Lissoni)

(Image by Faulhaber PR; L to R: Brad Ford, Christine Fauhaber, Kelsey Keith & Lexi Pathak)

(Image by George Pimentel; Suzanne Dimma & Tommy Smythe)

(Image by Faulhaber PR; L to R: Patricia Amato, Christine Faulhaber & Suzanne Mandarino)

It is our job to make sure the crowd is having fun, guests feel welcomed, clients feel loved and champagne is flowing. Here is how we make it happen:

Be ready for anything.

All eyes and ears. Be ready for a media opportunity at all times. Standing by Live Eye filming? Notice a celebrity walking by and ask them if they will do a spot.

Multitask. Talking with the client? Also, wave hello to a top editor, pass out your card to an inquiring vendor and have an eye on the stage – all at once.


(Image by George Pimentel; Glen Baxter)

Introduce yourself.

Let people know who you are and that you are there to help them. People will feel instantly more at ease knowing they have someone to answer their questions, or find the right answers.

(Image by Faulhaber PR; Brad Ford and Jillian Lockwood)

Always Smile - watch your P’s and Q’s.

This is an oldie but a goodie. Mind your manners and don’t show fear or stress. You never know who is listening or just around the corner so always be cordial and keep your comments to yourself.

Think ahead, re-fuel, and use all opportunities that present themselves. O, and have fun!


(Faulhaber PR with IDS 12 Conversations in Design speakers; L to R: Kenneth Montague, Shauna Levy, Chrsitine Faulhaber, Stephen Burks, Eero Koivisto)

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