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3-Things: We Love about War Horse

February 29, 2012

(image courtesy of Vogue Magazine)

Our fabulous client, a HUGE supporter of the arts and community, National Bank, is the presenting sponsor of War Horse, the latest award-winning play to grace Toronto. We were graciously invited to the preview showing on Monday at The Princess of Wales Theatre, where we were absolutely wowed.

3 Things we loved about the show…

1. The horse puppets created by South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company. Joey and Topthorn, are operated by three puppeteers each, who quickly fade into the distance as their skillful mastering of the large-scale animals come to life. From each trot to ear twitch, the puppets are mesmerizing.

2. Juno Award winning singer-songwriter Melanie Doane’s calming serenade and violin sound waves as the Song Woman.

3. Rae Smith’s simple yet effective scenery and Paule Constable’s haunting lighting. From Joey’s transformation from a colt to a powerful hunter to the battlefields of World War I, the ghostly effects were not only impactful, but beautiful.

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