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3-Things: Let Your Lingerie Show

November 30, 2011

“To reveal or not to reveal?” That is the sartorial question. Jennifer Klein from bra fitting boutique Secrets From Your Sister shares three acceptable ways to let lingerie show through your holiday outfit. Keep in mind; you should always start with a bra that fits.

1 - Revealing some of your bra

2 - Matching bra to top

3 - Wearing a corset as the bodice of your holiday outfit

Showing off a feather or jewel hanging from the center of an Empreinte Iva plunge bra by wearing a VERY low ‘V’ cut blouse is acceptable. In this case, a classic black or a bold fashion colour like red is a great idea. If you like pattern, houndstooth or pinstripe work too. As long as the bra fits. Sheer or see-through lace tops are also very popular this season. Matching your bra to your top (black on black) is the most sophisticated way to go. For the bolder woman (or party), wearing pasties by NIPPIES under lace is also very sexy and acceptable. Finally, a tasteful corset can been worn as outerwear. After all, a corset is a bodice. This can be a fancy and flattering addition over a taffeta gown/skirt. Of course, the corset must fit well in order to enhance your silhouette and prevent excess skin from pushing through the lace-up back.

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