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3 Things: How to enjoy the Holidays without over-indulging

November 22, 2012

Goodlife personal trainer and FPR team friend, Jen Kern, is back on The F Drive to help us fully enjoy our holiday season without overindulging in it:

With the holidays just around the corner, the majority of my clients all have the same question: how can I enjoy the holidays and still fit into my Louis Vuitton skirt or Ted Baker Borda jeans?

1) The first thing I always say is moderation is key. Whether it’s parties filled with treats or staying late at the office holiday party, make sure not to over do it. One cup of eggnog takes the average person 30 minutes on the treadmill or 20 minutes of weight training to burn off so keep that in mind before you reach for the ladle.

2) It’s also really important to make time for yourself. When planning out your week, even during hectic times like the holidays, make sure to schedule at least 3 hours of exercise. If doing one full hour is unrealistic, try and do 4 days at 40 minutes each with 30 minutes of weights and 10-15 minutes of cardio such as running, skipping or rowing.

3) The last thing I tell my clients is to relax and sleep. As busy as the holidays can be, inadequate sleep can cause your metabolism to slow drastically and those unwanted pounds will start to add on.

January shouldn’t be about starting your fitness journey; it should be about continuing it. Happy Holidays!

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