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3 THINGS: Get your skin red-carpet ready for TIFF

September 10, 2012

Heather Vounnou, Training Manager at the International Dermal Institute

Dermalogica’s skin-care expert Heather Vonnou is the go-to for healthy, glowing skin. How does Emily Hampshire, Emily Blunt and Olivia Wild get their skin in tip top form? Here are simple tips to get that radiant, unpuffy, zit-free complexion everyone will be talking about!

1. A little bit of buff is just enough:

It’s no secret that the right amount of exfoliation can provide the skin with a smooth, soft, even texture. There are a variety of ready to wear exfoliates that use a combination of Hydroxy Acids, Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid ,Antioxidants and calming soothing agents. An all-time favorite amongst celebrity make-up artists is Dermalogica daily resurfacer. This one time only application mitten is used just before applying day time moisturizer and provides the perfect canvas for make-up application.

2. Top up on your AGE fighting peptides!

Most will admit that during the TIFF season that there are plenty of opportunities to pop open a bottle of champagne and have a cocktail or two. It’s important to remember that these kinds of beverages are loaded with sugar which can cause an ageing process in the skin called Advanced Glycation End product: AGE’s. Make sure you get a full prescription of AGE fighting formulas from the Dermalogica AGE Smart Line of products. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin SPF 30 is another all-time favorite amongst Hollywood A listers.

3. Prime Time for perfection:

We all know that using a primer can really make a difference to the finish and duration of your foundations and powders, but make sure you’re not settling for the more stock standard versions of Primer on the market. Look for a formulation that does more than just prime the skin! The Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 stimulates collagen production in the skin, targets pigmentation and increases the skins hydration levels. It’s the last step in skin care regime and the first step in make-up!!

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