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3 THINGS: Get Nelly Furtado's Look

September 19, 2012

In Nelly Furtado’s music video “SPIRIT INDESTRUCTIBLE”, the singer-songwriter belts out her latest tune high up in the Canadian mountains, rocking her signature style despite the cold. Her location and unconventional look leave give off the vibe of being a free-spirited mysterious diva. Here are three things that Nelly has done that might help you bring a unique pop to your outfit:

1. The black and white blazer. Get the look with this TED BAKERBiani” number. It can easily transform your outfit from bland to bold.

2. The high volume hair style, inspired from 1950s and 1960s backcombing.

3. Her large THOMAS SABO winged heart necklace. The dark stones and wing detail add a little magic to her edgy style. Get the Canadian rockstar look by picking one up HERE.

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